Serie: “It doesn’t a matter”

“Matter is never created nor destroyed, only transformed.”

Artist Alias 2.0 uses graffiti and found materials to explore the evolution of Cambodia and himself in Feel Free, a new exhibition of installations and abstract paintings. His new series, It Doesn’t a “Matter”! consists of installations made of metal and wood collected from the city’s poorest neighbourhoods, reconstructed into something new, using nails and glue. As they turn from high-rise to shantytown to artwork, these materials represent impermanence and the regeneration of all matter. The graffiti paintings are composed of iconography found during the artist’s travels, expressing experience, doubt, joy and freedom. The street provides both the inspiration and physical materials for the collection. Graffiti and calligraphy, hallmarks of street art, are used throughout, but Alias 2.0 pushes his work further. Phnom Penh’s haphazard architecture is materially deconstructed and re-imagined. Physical structures have become simple compositions, a balance of colour, shape and form. With change the only constant, evolution is inevitable. But don’t over-intellectualize, says Alias 2.0. “I want to surprise people with my work, to evoke an emotional response, a feeling. If you observe your surroundings and pay attention to detail, you find art everywhere. I am taking a piece of the city and mixing it with my technique to express my time in Cambodia. Every day is new, and I’m showing my way.”