Born in France in 1989, Alias 2.0 has been evolving in street art since 2007. Very committed to exploring new forms of composition and expression, during this last decade, he developed his style in abstract graffiti and calligraphy which he calls “Mechanic calligraphic”, but also through ligh-painting in the field of photography.

His constant search for transformation and graphic evolution is nourished by his many travels since 2010 throughout the world (South America, Africa, Asia …), to discover environments and scenery that will inspire his new work.

His work oscillates between modernity and tradition and brings out a mixture that is both graphic and futuristic. Inspired lately by “the arte povera”, Alias2.0 integrates in his paintings elements of recoveries of the street (sheets, wood, metals …) amplifying the urban dimension of his works, thus creating plastic installations, carrier of messages and meaning.

Alias 2.0 realizes its abstract improvisations spontaneously, and as much as possible, from a variety of forms; poetic, urban, and colorful, lively and bright.
He wants to demonstrate through his different styles that a universal language is possible.

Exhibitions in France, Cambodia and Indonesia, including Art Stage Jakarta 2017, Alias2.0 has spent the last 3 years producing many artistic projects in Southeast Asia.
Based in Phnom Penh from 2016 to 2018, he has created various exhibitions, numerous murals, artistic performances and collaborations.

His next artistic projects will be held in Colombia for the end of 2018 and will continue in Central America for 2019.