At the crossroads of genres between figurative art and abstraction, calligraphy, urban art and modern pictorial art, Alias2.0 creates the meeting of cultures and the confrontation of times in a form of anachronism where the past and the future combine. A globalization at the service of a style, to make the link between men and cultures. An immersive work both for the painter who appropriates graphic codes he meets, as for the viewer who himself travels through these combinations of gestures and movements.

These works are made of textures, statue, colors, assembled forms like those of a puzzle, a metaphor for the artist represents his life and fragments of his own history (his experiences, his meetings …) Alias2.0 works on the balance of his compositions as ordering his own life with the goal to reach the peacefull and serenity.

“To clear the elements of form, to arrange them in subdivisions; the dislocation of this order and the reconstruction of a totality from all sides simultaneously: plastic polyphony, obtaining rest by the equilibrium of movement … “(Paul Klee)